I am a mother and have a beautiful kid. It was the fun behind clicking those beautiful, candid growing moments of my child that got me serious about photography. I realized my long lost love for photography, which I had inadvertently stashed away in some dormant corner of my heart. Today I recall the day, when as a teenager, my dad gifted me my first point and shoot camera. The "CLICK" of the shutter brought an instant smile on my face. And today as I hold my NIKON, the smile is still there.


Photography is my passion. I love to tell stories through my photographs. I love shooting candid and honest moments of people when they are effortlessly beautiful. I love beautiful landscapes and the colours of nature and I love picturing moments which make me feel good. 


I don’t use fancy lighting or expensive cameras. I like to believe in Julius Shulman, “The camera is the least important element in photography.” I carry just 2 lenses for all my photo outings. I keep looking for candid moments and natural light. And I am learning to WAIT for the moment, it takes times but it does come.


Photography and travelling are the simple joys in my life. I click away for my own happiness and I travel to grow richer 'in experience'. I am a sucker for life and creative people. 


In my free time, I love reading fiction, watching movies, experimenting with my culinary skills, day dreaming and imagining sorry IMAGEining… ;)